Energy Logic Heaters Installation & Service | Montgomery PA    We offer Energy Logic Heater sales, service and installation at Mel’s Heaters.  A variety of services to fit all your commercial needs, from regular maintenance to new installation and everything in between, we make you our top priority.  Serving Lancaster PA, Montgomery PA and Chester PA.   Call 717-768-3509.

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Energy Logic Heaters Installation & Service | Montgomery PA

Energy Efficient Radiant Floor Heating Systems in Bucks PA

4heatingsys  Radiant floor heating systems are far more efficient than baseboard and forced air heating because it eliminates the duct losses.  After installation your floor becomes a heated surface that directly heats up your wood or concrete floor in minutes.  Sales, Service and Installation in Delaware PA, Bucks PA and Chester PA.  Mel’s Heaters Service 717-768-3509.

Energy Logic™ Commercial Heaters Sales, Installation & Service in Chester, PA

4heaters  Energy Logic™ efficient waste oil heaters for commercial buildings have been are our specialty at Mel’s Heater’s since 1990. They are environmentally friendly, cost efficient and more productive than any other heating systems.  We offer sales, service and installation on commercial heating equipment in Lancaster, Montgomery and Chester PA. Call 717-768-3509.

Warm Your Floors, Walls & Ceilings with a Radiant Heating System in Bucks PA

3heatingsys Mel’s Heater Service offers energy efficient heating systems, including sales, installation and service in Delaware PA, Chester PA and Bucks PA.  Radiant Heating is a low maintenance form of heating your floors and more, and will reduce your heating costs too.  Call us at 717-768-3509 and visit us at

Energy Logic™ Commercial Heaters Sales & Service in Montgomery PA

3heaters  As a leading provider of commercial heaters in Montgomery PA, Mel’s Heater Service is the one to call for Energy Logic™ heating systems.   Since 1990, we have been selling; installing and servicing commercial heaters.  Call us at 717-768-3509.  Visit

Efficient Heating Systems with Radiant Floors in Chester and Bucks PA

2heatingsys An efficient heating system such as Radiant Floors will help keep your heating costs down, along with being low maintenance.  Mel’s Heater Service offers heating system sales, installation and services in Lancaster PA, Chester PA and Bucks PA.  Call us at 717-768-3509 or visit us at

A Leading Provider in Energy Logic™ Commercial Heaters in Montgomery PA

2heaters  As a leading provider of Energy Logic™ heaters in Montgomery PA, Mel’s Heater Service is the one to call for commercial heating systems.   Since 1990, we have been installing and servicing commercial heaters in the Lancaster PA and Chester PA areas.  Call us at 717-768-3509 or visit us at